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rare fish
rare fish

rare fish in the world : According to scientists, the first fish on this earth came into our seas about 5000000 years ago, and today the fish is found in both salt and sweet water. You can find it in the seas or even in the waves coming out of the mountains. Today, fish has played the most important role in the water around the world and many of these fish also include fish in humans.

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This is why fish are widely exchanged around the world today. By the way, what do you think that most of the people living in America will go to everyday, that too with a raw on their shoulder, I will answer this in the middle of the article and today I am going to tell you about some similar fish which Today she is tired of being in water rare fish in the world.



This fish attracts the attention of the world due to its strange appearance, and if you look at it at once, you will not be able to tell whether it is a fish or a lizard, it can not only breathe through its skin but also on the earth. Can walk comfortably. It can even take a leap.

This fish uses the seaside to make its home. Where the floor is slightly high and forms its small fort Numa Bill, the depth of its bill can be from 15 to 20 feet, all the work of house building is done by the male fish, and when they go into their house, they always have their mouths. Keeps it out. rare fish

Their mouth is very strange in shape. I do not know when the mouth started and ended, and their eyes are completely outward, they are also fond of soaking in the sun for a long time while breathing through their skin, and from time to time this fish water. She also leaves.


In order to keep moisture in its skin, this fish uses its gills to breathe in water. Also, while coming out of the water, this fish also fills a little water in its mouth, so that there is always moisture on their gills. rare fish

After this, the doors of the gills are closed as soon as they come out, so this fish has got the status of the happiest fish living on the earth. Friends, let me also tell you that this amazing fish can do on the trees as well as on the rocks. rare fish

To do this he uses his flexible and curved ask. Their jump can be 8 inches high, it protects itself from the flow of the seas by climbing a tree during tide ebb. Apart from this, it maintains itself by eating small insects as well as many small fish,



When the drought comes, this fish living in Africa starts finding a good place for itself. Means dig a pit for yourself. Usually it digs its pit among dense trees, there are signs of doing this when the water level reaches 4 inches, rare fish

And when it is understood that now it has to be dug, when the mind goes to the pit itself, then this fish makes something like a camera at the mouth of the pit, so that the open air always comes in its pit, after that the fish comes out of its body. They start celebrating a particular kind of mucus, and slowly take this mucus out of their body and imprison themselves in it. rare fish

Only after this the body of this fish starts changing. Its metabolism becomes very slow and this condition is called hibernation, in which case the fish takes out a full drought time, and finally with the first drop of rain the fish wakes up, leaving its pit , It has also been seen many times that the state of hibernation goes on continuously for 4 years, rare fish

And then with the rain, it wakes up and takes 12 hours to take its real shape, and takes up to 4 years of lost weight in just 1 month. The young fish likes to breathe through the gulf, and if we talk about their food, these small insects make small fish their prey. rare fish

After this, not knowing what Kieu does to her prey, she repeatedly throws the prey out of her mouth and throws it out on the floor, and then picks it up and consumes it. These fish are known all over the world for their anger and these fish cannot tolerate any unknown intruder in their area. Any uninvited guest becomes a rival for them. rare fish

After this, the marks of Ghow are settled on the bodies of both the fighting nobles. Now let me answer your question. Here, as I told you, this fish lives in pits, so the people living in Africa go out on a hunt every morning and they take a knife with them, where they think that this fish has made its pit. is. They dig out from there, and eat it very well, rare fish



It differs from fishes and all fishes for only one reason, and is a sign of fire. Their large fins and this gives it the power to fly out of the water into the air, these flying fish live in hot water, with a temperature above 20 ° C. Flying fish are usually found in the Arabian sea. rare fish

It is very difficult to see it, but when these fishes open their wings, then they can be seen, they have a long body and two big big wings attached to it, as well as their color is silver blue, besides their Feathers can be of any color or even without color, and due to the texture and color of its body, it remains completely transparent, rare fish

And no one is able to see even on the surface of water. These fish live in small herds, and all these fish live by eating eggs of other fish, but the most amazing thing about this fish is that its way of survival from predators is very different. rare fish

Yes, while escaping from a predator, this fish can run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour on water. Its strong tail helps to do such a thing. Asking for this, you can swing yourself 70 times in 1 second, and this fish starts flying as soon as it runs. It goes away and falls back into the water,

This fish flies up to thirteen hundred feet in its one-time flight, and it has a height of about 20 feet. These are really amazing figures, in this case a record was set in 2008 and it was revealed that this fish remains in the air for 45 seconds. rare fish

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