Time travel theory Theory of Relativity

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Time travel theory

Time travel theory : In ancient times, people used to observe the cycle of the natural world to measure time, such as the pattern of night and day, and the pattern of changing from season to season, this calendar of the same sensation of time in which a full cycle of the moon took 1 month. The cycle of change of seasons was kept equal to 1 year, in ancient times people used to estimate time in the day with sun dial, and in the night by star constellation, changed the time and the clock ticked in place of sun dial.

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And based on this ticking clock, we feel the time, today the definition of time for us is just that 60 seconds is 1 minute, 60 minutes is an hour, 24 hours a day and one night, 30 One month of day and one year of 12 months, time ticking the clock and changing date in the calendar is the feeling of time for us,

Time travel theory

Time travel theory

Think once, is this the time?
Is every second of ticking the clock taking us to the future?
Is there a physical existence of time?
Can we ever feel the time? Does time really exist?

Or that what we are calling time is just an illusion, an illusion, today in our everyday life every action of ours is going on as per the ticking clock, like getting up in the morning, office or lunch. , And we have decided to sleep at night, according to our clock, what work to do at what time, is this really the time? Have you ever experienced that whenever you are doing any work you like,

it seems that how fast the needles of the clock are going, how fast the time passes, do not even realize it! When we do not feel like doing any work, then we feel slow in time, and while doing some interesting work, we feel the speed of time,

Julian barbour

This is the theoretical Physician julian barber has been trying to observe this time for almost 40 years, and he explained the time by saying that when we do anything, the speed at which we experience time is an illuminations,

Time travel theory

What is Time? Explain of Time Travel

There is everything in this world that makes us feel like time, such as life birthday, etc. is all an illusion, have you ever thought that whenever you are watching a movie, the clip that is playing in it is that motion In it, what happens when you are watching this movie, pause it and see on your screen that the movie which was playing in a motion is just a picture, that picture as long as you are in the screen, its short time. The frame is, Time Travel Theory

And just like this, when we add a lot of timeframes of the pictures present in the screen, as the frame changes and the picture changes with the frame, then that video is not just like a picture of us, but it is seen in motion, our whole Life is also like a movie, in which we are moving towards the future through the present through the past, and our life journey is also moving as a small frame, and that small frame of our life journey. Have you ever thought how big our present is,

if not thought then let’s try to change the present, let’s say that our life journey is going on like a movie in which if we stop time or our life If we pause the travel movie, then we will remain in the same position we are in and we will not be seen in motion but in a photo i.e. as a stalled painting and until our stalled painting starts. Will remain in this state,

And this is the present, meaning that the frame of our life journey has stopped now, we call it fast, the current and the earlier frames have passed, and all the frames that are coming after this frame, we call them future, now you You can think how big your present is, in our life journey movie that we speak as present,

it is the feeling of time for us that the passing frame of our life and the coming frame does not matter to us if anything matters. So that is the present, and that which we are living now, that small moment of the present matters when you are reading this article.

Time travel theory

time an illusion Albert Einstein

According to julian barber time travel theory, our life is moving through a frame and the frame that has passed in our life is still present in this universe, and the coming frame is also in this universe, but we are just one Experiencing the frame itself is the present,

According to Albert einstein Time Travel Theory, past present and future are present in this universe together, and we can come to our past future and go back to our past and experience that time again, we should know our future We have to use the wormhole to get the frames coming in and the frames passed in time.

According to Albert einstein, in wormhole space time, there are small shortcuts that we can enter into past future, our entire life span consists of such small frames in which every frame passes through the current once. And every picture of life gives us a sense of time,

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

The question comes that how much is the time interval of that picture or frame of the present i.e. how much is the time interval of the present, the answer is found by Albert einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Albert einstein said that if we move faster i.e. the speed of light If you travel through time, time will start running slowly for us, meaning that we will be able to experience that present picture for a longer time.

To say that if we travel at a fast speed, then the frames of our life will start moving in slow motion, it will be like that if we watch a movie in slow motion, now the question is if we travel at the speed of light then our If we spend time in slow motion, will we be able to experience this slow motion life? The answer is no. Even though time has passed for us at a slow pace but still the feeling of time for us will be the same as what we are experiencing now, because in the realization of time we experience that time only.

Time travel theory

Time travel theory

As I told you that our life is moving in the form of small frames and as soon as the new frame comes, there is a change, and we only experience that change, we can change our life in slow motion Can not experience, but those people will definitely be able to see us in slow motion, which are not traveling at the speed of light, that is, due to the frame of reference, which will travel in a vehicle traveling at the speed of light, it can be seen in the life of people outside Will be seen passing through the speed of the frame, and the time of his present will be very short,

Because the life frames of the people outside the vehicle will have passed very much in a short time interval, and as I told you that the present is only for us the part of the compiler frame that we are experiencing, but on the other side of the vehicle When people outside will see the people inside the vehicle, they will see the life frame of those people passing in slow motion,

and they will see the moment of the present of the people inside the vehicle, because as long as the people inside the vehicle A frame will pass by then many frames of the persons outside the vehicle will have passed,

Even if the person inside and outside the vehicle sees each other’s life frame passing in slow motion or fast, but both of them will experience their time as we are now, and we know Also, time is not running for us in slow motion or fast-forward and this is the matter of whether the small moment of the present is a feeling of time or something that we have not yet understood.

According to the second law of thermodynamics, the feeling of time is for us to experience only changes, when we experience someone, we only experience time, and the change in the universe is going on continuously in what we call entrophy, in the universe. The disorder continues to grow, it is like if you add a color to the water, then as the time progresses, the water gets spread in the same way,

But we cannot reverse the process of dissolving that color in water even if we wish, and this is the realization of time, in which we are experiencing only the Andriani disorder, now the question comes that the universe is moving towards disorder. Because of which we are experiencing time, but is there any place in the universe where there is no entropy, there is no disorder nor there is no feeling of time, then the answer is yes,

In the universe, there are black hole salt astronomers that pass through time at a slow rate, with time heavily affected, if you are near a black hole, the frame of your life will pass in slow motion, and if by chance you will survive. And get to the origin of the black hole, then as you grow and grow the origin of the black hole, so your life frame will start to pass at a slower speed,

And as soon as you go to the origin of the black hole, which is called the singularity label, then there is absolutely no entrophy, meaning there is no disorder there, nor is there any change, as I told you. We feel time only because of change, but all changes are stopped on the origin of the black hole, due to which time also stops there.

And if you are present in the origin of the black hole, then the frame of your life will not change because there is a time freeze, due to which the present of your life says it will be for eternity, when time is not running. Then the frame of your life will also be scared and the present will be abused for eternity in which there will be no fast nor any future, then it is very complicated to understand the present time, just one frame for eternity.

We only think of time as a ticking clock, but time is beyond our comprehension, is time an illusion for us that gives us the experience of life’s journey, what do you think about time? Please tell in the comment box,

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